The family of Thelma Haughton wishes to thank you all for the excellent way you tended to our Aunt Thelma, for the years she was in your care.

We are especially grateful to the Nursing Staff on the 2nd floor. Our Aunt Thelma was never neglected, or abused while she was in your care. We always found her in health and good spirits, and never found any reason to complain. We always liked to visit, because the entire place was so clean. We often admired the dining room setting, which was always nicely and attractively dressed with flowers and tablecloth depicting every season and occasion.

Our Aunt was always dressed and clean, and the many activities that she was always engaged in, truly kept her alert. We are also thankful that she was able to get her spiritual needs met, which for her and for us is a very vital part of our lives, and so we are grateful that she was not denied this opportunity.

We thank you that you always notified us immediately of anything and everything that concerned her wellbeing and her welfare. We appreciate how all of you cared for her as if she was your Aunt, and we will always be grateful to you for extending such love to her during her stay there, and especially at the end.

Valerie H

  I just wanted to thank you and your staff for taking care of my friend, Nate. Your people were absolutely the best! Whenever I called, always followed through on my requests. They remembered me when I called on the phone. Very impressive. I know why you are rated a 5 star, because your staff deserves it.

The first contact I had was with Lakeshia, and later with Rachael. Both women explained the paper work and knew what it all meant. Next I met Rose Franck and Pat. There is a great pair. Nothing they can't accomplish and with grace and a smile. The dietician, Nancy, social/case worker Maria, Dr Hurt, physical therapist Anna, and all the nurses gave wonderful support.

I must give a special thanks to your Speech therapist; and I am sorry I don't remember her name. However, the first full day she recommended that we do a swallow test with X-rays to see what was really going on. They discovered that even the puree was going into the lungs and a feeding tube was needed. This was a huge discovery and started him on the road to recovery.

Nate lost the battle on October 6 but he had wonderful support from your staff. His family and I thank each and everyone who helped him in his final days.

Steve W

  We just wanted to express a special thank you to the staff at your facility for taking great care of our mom, Betty. We are very happy to have her back home. Please extend an extra special thanks to her favorite nurse, Leon. He was very attentive to her needs and his fun sense of humor always put a smile on her face.

He also demonstrated a very caring attitude to all of our family members and welcomed us by greeting each one of us by name. No other nurse established that kind of warm connection. He is a treasure! You´re appreciated more than you´ll ever know.

Tammie F

  I have been a Pet Therapy volunteer at Plantation Nursing and Rehab for over 3 years as well as participating with Community Christian Church visits and I just wanted to take a money to tell you what a caring and outstanding staff you have on both the children's and adult side. They obviously want the best for the residents and are always willing to go the extra mile for them. Everyone is always dressed nicely with extra personal touches like hair ribbons, neatly combed hair, hats and that I like. The care and respect they feel for the individual shows. They are always courteous and welcoming to the volunteers and happy to see the residents interact and enjoy the compnay of visitors.

I have been to many facilities over the years and the staff her excels in personal care and love.

Anna M

  Karen and I would like to take a moment to thank everyone for the extraordinary care that you gave to our Mom. All of you became an addition to our family this past year. Mom was a strong individual and came to love and care about her Bubba's at Plantation. We would also like to thank each of you for the individual affection that you showed to Karen and I. We could not have taken care of Mom without you all. We will keep in touch and visit before the holidays. We love you all!

Howard and Karen

  It is our great pleasure to say thanks to you all for taking such care of Adeline May. A special hello and thanks to Vhevonne, Ms. Willma, Gardy, Bridgett, Ms. Mazie, Sabine, Nurse Hyatt, Nurse Leon, and John Elliot. Oh how she loved your cooking always and in later times your efforts in presenting her meals when her dentures weren't working so well. Thank you to the entire kind, caring staff.

Donald, Jennifer and the entire family

  I just wanted to touch base and take a moment to recognize professionalism when I experience it. Upon initially coming in contact with Sue Stancil of your Admissions Department until my Grandfather´s (Louis J. Pear) discharge from Plantation she was consistently professional, responsive, and caring. You may be thinking that our interaction was that of a "normal" admission however, it was not as I wanted my Grandfather to get into Plantation, and had a short time frame to do so. This pressure did not seem to effect Sue as she reassured me that your facility was the perfect place for my Grandfather and that he would get in without a problem. This was a tremendous relief at a time in my life when I needed it most. At the time I was not in Florida and could not join my Grandfather due to my father taking ill. As you may be able to imagine I was very upset and felt guilty that he would be alone and possibly neglected. I can only say that the way in which Sue came across over the phone was without a doubt a moment in time that finally put me at ease and gave me the confidence I needed in my decision to choose Plantation as his rehabilitation facility.

In addition, during my Grandfather's stay several (to say the least) issues came up. He is very hard of hearing and at times I needed someone to pass a message or explain something to him directly in lieu of me being there, Sue had it covered. Every time I called, she responded quickly knowing I may ask yet another favor. She took the time to listen to each situation as it came up and work with me towards a viable solution that would create little to no hassle for both of us. She was a tremendous help to me and my family especially when asking her to aid us administratively in expediting various paperwork that was needed for his Medicaid application. As an Executive Assistant to the President/ C.E.O. and Chairman of a healthcare facility I am more than qualified to pass judgment on other admin's that I may encounter. In this case I couldn't have been more pleased with the customer service and sense of urgency that Sue displayed regarding my requests. It was as if I was providing my own service to myself and for that I can't thank her enough. I hope that there is an employee incentive program at Plantation that rewards the stars on the team when a satisfied client acknowledges their hard work and professionalism. If so, Sue deserves top honors. Please place this e-mail in her employee H.R. file as my Grandfather and I would like it to act as a reminder of how Sue made a difficult situation easier for our family when we needed it most.

Renee B

  I had a total right hip replacement and had never had to slow down in my life. I was so scared that I was losing my independence even if temporary. I want you to know that this place is wonderful. I had my physical therapy rehab here and they were the best. If you have never had to be laying in bed because your body needed to heal then I can't explain to you what that loss of independence does for your self esteem. I don't have children and had nobody that could take care of me at home. I can't say enough how fantastic this place is. I never had anyone be rude or non-caring to me. They go out of their way to make sure that you are receiving everything that you need.

They have additional things in their lobby such as bingo, people that come and present programs singing etc. They even have a beautiful bird named Sunshine who welcomes you to. They had a Christmas Party that was beautiful, welcoming and truly made me feel happy during a time in my life when I was scared of losing my independence. If you ever need a place to meet 100% of your needs until you can recover then this is definitely the place to go. I give this place 5 stars plus. Thank you for taking such awesome care of me. Your staff is wonderful.

Maxie F

 Thank you for your excellent and professional care you provided to Michael Angel from December 6 to December 30 (with an interim hospital stay}.

I would like to particularly commend your Physical Therapy Department who are not only tops, but their kindness and assistance exceeds expectations. Kathy, Beth, and Anna (unsure of her name) are truly professionals.

Your social worker, Juan, was thoughtful and efficient. He gives full attention to all those he is processing. He went out of his way to process the discharge such as calling in the evening when he was obviously still working.

Also, thanks to all the good aides who personally assisted Michael. I recall Jesula, Verona and Edwine particularly.

Your facility is clean, bright and well kept. We loved your patio - and the kitchen staff who accommodated us so k1ndly.

Thanks to all I have not mentioned. I commend you in your excellent care and your kindness

Roberta A

  I am writing to commend you for having such an outstanding physical therapy department. All of the girls were knowledgable and firendly. It was a pleasure to work the them. I also want to mention the CNA's that took very good care of me. All of the staff are an asset to your facility. It was wonderful having such superior people taking care of me.

Frances Joyce L

  My mother Sharon A. was admitted to your rehab facility after undergoing three surgeries back-to-back. She was weak, depressed, and felt more than a little hopeless I'm sure. My mom told me that she had a wonderful experience at Plantation Rehab and gained her confidence back. She sung their praises and continues to focus on working hard to become independent. The people who worked with her helped her see that was within reach. Please let your staff know how amazing they are; please let them know how much I appreciate them being there for her and helping her in ways I couldn't!

I know that we would not be where we are today with their help. They are our CHAMPIONS!

Catherine A